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Hair Replacement

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Hair Replacement - is the placement of the hair patch in the area of the hair loss. The hair patch is matched with the original hairs of the person so that it is very difficult for any one else to notice. The patch is made of original human hairs and the net holding the hairs is very fine and of skin colour so that it just merges with the scalp / skin. The pictures of the hair replacement is given below.


Different types of Hair fixation

Weaving - This is the oldest method of hair replacement. In this process a maize row braid in U shape around the baldness place is created and the device is connected with this braid.

Clipping In - In this program, an exceptional sort of fragments are joined with the product and when the product is put on top of the hair loss put these portions hold the sound hair line and the item joins with the current hair. This is a short-term program and there is some problem is that the product may drop.

Taping In - This is the simple hair cutting program the only difference is that, rather than fragments we are utilizing double on the sides footage to stick to the bare spot. It has the same sort of limitations and likewise there could be potential outcomes that the individual's skin is touchy to double on the sides record.

Spot Weaving - This is very similar to weaving, the only difference is that instead of full braid the stitching is done at variety of locations making

Silicon Bonding - This is the latest method in which the patch is fixed with silicon glue and silicon tapes.

Silicon Hair fixing solution It’s fast!

It's Advantages are

• No surgery is required

• No Painless & non messy

• No side effects at all

• Done in accordance with your existing hair texture

• You can comb your hair in any direction, swim or bath with it

• Zero Maintenance required.

• Naturally looking appearance.

• Customized hair and skin according scalp size.

• Full head of hair in just one hour suitable for male /female pattern hair loss.

• Hair replacement is one hour procedure which changes the whole look of the person.

• Hair replacement requires servicing approximately once every three months.

• It is a completely non surgical procedure.

• No-one can make out the difference between the natural hairs and the patch.

Hair patches can be applied by Hair weaving, Hair Bonding, Hair taping, Hair stitching and latest technique by silicon application.

Different Classification or types of the Hair patch attachment are:

Semi-Permanent Attachment - In this technique the Hair patch is attached to the scalp by semi-permanent method by various adhesive agents and are not to be removed except by hair technician once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Temporarily Attached -Double-sided tapes are used to attach the hairpiece. This is a straightforward sort of attachment, and you can remove it any time your need and then reattach it. It can, nonetheless leave a sticky residue on your scalp and on the bottom of the hairpiece, which you’ll need to wash off. The tape can come unglued when you sweat heavily, and swimming might loosen the tape also

Clip Attachment: Metal clips that are securely attached to the underside of the hairpiece fasten to your own hair that’s either under or adjacent to the hairpiece. These are secure but very easy to remove, just like tape attachment.

Reyuva's combination attachment of the Hair Patch (Hair Replacement By Korean American technique) - we at Reyuva use both the silicon adhesives and double sided tapes so that the patch remains attached for at least 2 to 3 months. It has to be removed by our trained technicians for servicing. The patch does not get removed easily therefore one can feel like having natural hairs. The person can bathe, shampoo, comb and swim normally. With this technique no one can tell the difference between the natural hair and the hair patch.It gives increased duration required between the hair servicing.

Spl. Package for ladies hair wig replacement.

Thousands of people around the world have benefited from the break through technology of hair replacement.

We at Reyuva hair transplant centre offer you our outstanding customer service with the best of the world technology for hair replacement.

The hair replacement procedures of reyuva hair transplant centre are so natural in appearance and performance that you have total confidence no matter what you are doing. Reyuva hair transplant centre’s exclusive hair replacement procedure looks totally natural from any angle and in any style. It’s hair replacement that’s just perfect all round. On your first visit to reyuva hair transplant centre we will show you in detail how remarkable procedures are achieved and how we can create a new head of hair for you.

Before Hair replacement the scalp is prepared for putting silicon on the top for holding the patch,  but after the patch is placed, it is very difficult for anyone to say that it is hair replacement as the fine net on the patch is not seen and it gives a natural appearance of the scalp on parting of hairs. as seen in the picture.

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